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Tammi SloanComment
My Dad being wheeled out of the hospital by his nurse.

My Dad being wheeled out of the hospital by his nurse.

My online garage sale has been a smash hit.  As many of you already know, I found out my Dad has Acute Myeloid Leukemia just before I launched the sale.  With that in mind I decided to change the structure of the sale, to speed it up, not knowing when I would go back east to see him. 

The long and short of it is he is doing great, which is such a relief to hear!  He spent two weeks in the hospital and went through five rounds of chemo.  He went back to the hospital yesterday for his blood work, and it looks good.  He goes to a clinic closer to home next Thursday for more blood work.  If he can handle it, they will do 5 days of chemo every four weeks.  He seems to have tolerated the first 5 rounds really well.

So, I'm going to continue the expanded garage sale as long as I can at 36 pieces a week.  I have a shoe box full of some of my older styles.  As I grow and my style changes, it's harder to keep the old styles around.  They are still wonderful, but they don't look like my work to me.  Consequently, I like to see them fly off to loving homes! 

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PS - You have to act fast.  Things on the secret sale page poof away really fast.