My Brown Wren

Jewelry and Mixed Media Art

My Story

I am a self-taught painter, sculptor, metalsmith and enamelist. I take my inspiration from nature and from architectural and contemporary design elements.  My design aesthetic mixes clean simple lines with rustic touches and the occasional splash of whimsy.  I enjoy experimenting with a combination of various mediums to create an eclectic representation of how I see the world.  You could say my work is driven by the exploration of new and unfamiliar territories.

I pride myself on creating beautiful, long lasting items that you will cherish for a lifetime.  For me, it is more important to take my time developing a unique design than creating a repeatable series.  Each work of art is a labor of love, wrought by my own hand.  No two pieces are ever alike, and that's the way I like it.

cliff house by tammi sloan.jpg
chirp n chatter by my brown wren.jpg